You must believe you are important, know who you are. You are of great importance in the universe. You cannot be happy without this thought in mind. You are important to yourselves, others and Great Spirit. You are good and are not evil. You need to pray to do better for yourself, others and Great Spirit. Let no one say you are not good. You are all good, not evil. I know nothing of evil. I am not evil. You are not evil and will never be evil. Be not afraid of evil. It will never touch your life unless you believe in evil. You will live with Light when you live with Hope and Love. You are not evil, my friends. Do not ever think this is so, for you are all good people. No who is good can be evil. You are good forever. You must try to be better, even when you do not feel well or when things do not go well or when you are in the depths of despair. You are not alone. Pray for your own good as well as the good of others, your friends and your enemies. Help them to be good. This is Love, Life, Hope, Truth, and all you are living for.