What do you feel when you hear that someone reached enlightenment? When the soul that lives in tamas hears that someone has reached enlightenment, it doesn't trust in it, thus denying the possibility of its own enlightenment. It happens because darkness is a property of tamas, and lightness is a property of of enlightenment. The gloom and darkness is afraid of the light.
When the soul that stays in radjas hears that some one has reached an enlightenment, it becomes envy and feels rivalry, feels the desire to challenge or deny this fact. Or, on the contrary, it believes that it's possible and gets so inspired that it tries to imitate itself to such person, making varied actions - yoga-sadhana, meditation, mantra... The property of rajas are activity, action.
When the soul staying in satva hears about someone’s enlightment, they becomes pleased with their heart, sings with joy, worships, and glorifies this person. It happens because it intuitively and unconditionally believes in the possibility of enlightenment.
To plunge into Infinity, to incorporate into the Absolute, to dissolve your ego, to become a conductor of the Absolute, to become a hollow divine flute is the ideal. When the soul feels that someone has more deeply experienced the absolute, it expresses sincere pleasure for such person.
When a saintly man, dzhnyani or siddhi yogi hears that some one has reached enlightenment, he will have felt the message of this this news long before word of it travels to his neighbors. If he hears that some one being Absolute has finally come to the realization that he already is the Absolute, the saint simply smiles, hiding his smile in his beard.
How could it be any different?
Was he only "a person" any time before that?
Wasn't he, from the very beginning, "the Absolute" himself, just immersed in a human body?
The Absolute, always being the Absolute, thought that he is a body with a human mind, had suddenly realized that he is the Absolute. It is the most normal, the most unique truth that can occur to the Absolute.