You know there is a beautiful situation in Mahabharat. A time came when everybody had to be on some side, either this side or that side of the battle. When the time to choose came, Krishna said, “Either you can have me, or you can have my army which is ten-thousand strong.” Duryodhana chose the army, the Pandavas chose Krishna. And beforehand, Krishna said, “I’m not going to fight. I’m just going to be there.” So the Pandavas said, “It doesn’t matter what happens. We want you to be with us, that’s all.” Duryodhana thought, “These guys have a history of being stupid, and this crowns it all. You are going into a battle, and instead of picking a ten-thousand strong army, you pick one man, who is not willing to fight. This is the peak of stupidity.” But that made all the difference. And that is how life is.