Q: Why is it sometimes I find concentration on the Self so easy and at other times hopelessly difficult?

Bhagavan: Because of vasanas. But really it is easy, since we are the Self. All we have to do is to remember that. We keep on forgetting it, and thus think we are this body, or this ego.

If the will and desire to remember the Self are strong enough, they will eventually overcome vasanas.

There must be a great battle going on inwardly all the time until the Self is realized. This battle is symbolically spoken of in scriptural writings as the fight between God and Satan. In our Sruti, it is the Mahabharata, where the asuras represent our bad thoughts and the devas our elevating ones.

All such thoughts as ‘attainment is hard’ or Self-realization is far from me, or ‘I have many difficulties to overcome to know Reality’, should be given up, as they are the main obstacles, created by the false self, the ego. They are untrue.

Do not doubt that you are the Reality; live in that understanding.

Never question it by referring your realization of it to some future time. It is because people are victimized and hypnotized by such false thoughts that the Gita says that few out of millions realize the Self.

Give yourself up to deep meditation. Throw away all other considerations of life. The calculative life will not be crowned with spiritual success.