Bhagavan spoke about the way in which in the old days he used to climb to the peak [of Arunachala Mountain] at any time he felt like it, and that by any route or even no route. He said only the grass- cutters knew some of the routes he used.

“Sometimes people would come from Madras and other parts and, setting out to reach the top of the hill, would stray near Skandasramam. Finding me seated there, they would ask me for the route to the hill top. When I told them the route was to their right and turned northward, some would say. ‘Do you know who we are and wherefrom we come? We are from Madras. None of your tricks with us. The top is here straight above us and you want to lead us astray.’

I used to keep quiet. They would try to climb in a straight line, and after a long time, they would return tired out, finding that all their efforts to reach the peak were in vain. Nearing me, they would bow their heads in shame and go away, avoiding me.”

From "Day by Day", 24-11-45 Morning