He always dressed in white. His dress consisted of two pieces of long cloth.
No other dress, no other color. The four great Tamil prophets of Saivism of old
were also ascetics in white. Vallalar, in one of his discourses, said:

"Ochre robe represent a struggling aspirant
man who has to fight against his own nature,
One who has subdued his nature has gained
compassion, for him white robe is fitting as a winner aspirant.."

He refers to his white dress in a verse, which describes also certain other
features :

"Shy of swinging arms,
I walked with folded hands;
Averse to be bare,
I covered body and head with white cloth ;
I cast no glance
where smartness sauntered
lest the sight offend me."

This walking picture of Vallalar brings out the quintessential man.


"High-placed seats unsettled me
Sitting cross-legged seems a pose
I dare not sleep on soft bed.
When sitting on a dais, I hardly dare
to stretch down my legs.
Loud talking harrows me—
Spare me these, my mother.
Then, when I ate twice a day,
and slept a long time—you made the sleep
and food serve me for you...
And then, when I ate but once, my father,
People around, puzzled, would question me."

He declared:

"In the flood-tide
of ever-repeated and ever-relished food,
all gains of restraint and penance turn to emptiness
like tamarind thrown in running river."

Source: Vallalar - Messenger of Grace Light, p. 28