Q : Should I abide as the pure “I" and have faith that purity will come?

Sri Papaji :

Don't waste your time in the purity of mind
because mind cannot be pure.

Even the desire to be pure is the trick of the mind.

You will spend many lives purifying the mind,
but it will never be pure.

Look at the story of Vishwamitra and Manika.
After purifying his mind for 10,000 years
he still falls for her instantly.

It is better to just allow your desires to arise and
not let them touch you.

Let them arise and let them be fullfilled.

You simply stay Quiet.

Don't try to become anything,
don't go anywhere
don't do anything
don't undo anything.

Find the source of these concepts and stay there.

This is bliss, nothing else.

This knowledge is bliss.

~ Sri Papaji , from The Truth Is book