Meanwhile, the majority of vegetarians "slimes" on. Vegetarian representatives of both sexes are undifferentiated from "Munich Beer-bellies", a result of cramming in all that "mucus-food" on a daily basis. Compared to this, indicted poisons like meat, alcohol, coffee, and tobacco are relatively harmless, consumed in small amounts. Are there not thousands of people living to advanced age, who are habitual smokers with a fondness for alcoholic beverages? They are just small eaters! This is the solution! Even these habitual toxins are less harmful than stuffing oneself regularly with good old "comfort" foods. As professor Sylvester Graham puts it: "A drunkard can get old, a glutton never."

I will present some explanations here to prevent misunderstandings among teetotalers and vegetarians. Meat is not a food. Rather, it is a stimulus that putrefies in the stomach. This putrefaction does not start in the stomach, however, but immediately after the slaughter of the animal. Graham has proved this for living humans, and I add to this fact that meat works as a stimulant through the toxins of putrefaction, and is therefore perceived as an energy providing food. I do not believe that anybody can find chemical-physiological evidence that a putrefying protein-molecule gets transformed in the stomach to be revived in a person's muscle as available energy. Similar to alcohol and other stimulants, meat initially appears to give strength and energy until the whole organism is contaminated by it and inevitably breaks down.

The basic evil of all non-vegetarian diets is the overconsumption of meat, which leads to other evils, such as craving for alcohol. Eating a fruit only diet avoids the craving for alcohol, while carnivores constantly have to fight the lust for it, because meat calls the demon "thirst" into the great plan of life. Evidently alcohol servers as some kind of counter-toxin for meat. City gourmets, primarily living off meat, need wine, coffee, and tobacco as partial counter-toxin for their meat poisoning. It is a ironic matter of fact that one's physical condition after eating an opulent dinner will be better if the meal is consumed with small doses of such toxic stimulants than without them.

I absolutely declare war against meat and alcohol; eating fruit and generally eating little vigorously counteracts the consumption of meat and alcohol. Nevertheless, there is great irony in the fact that people who consume both meat and alcohol, but in small portions, are in a better position by far than vegetarians who eat too much.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.9-10)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret