Hidden tendencies arise to leave when you are Quiet,
so it is a good sign when vasanas arise.
Do not be dismayed because they are Self.
Let vasanas arise, they do not exist.
The world is a playground for the wise
and a graveyard for the foolish.
Let the vasanas play, they are transient imaginations
and even the "I" to which they occur is imagination itself.
Abide as Substratum and allow circumstances to come and go.
Stay Quiet with no intention, no notion,
not even inquire for Freedom, and don't utter the word "I."
Then the gods and demons of the vasanas will vanish.

Your true nature does not come and go.
Play with what comes and goes.
When they arise they will disappear.
Allow them to go away.
Let things happen through mind-ego
and just stay Quiet as they happen,
with the firm conviction: I Am I Am.