The results of vichara meditation are will power, developed concentration, control of passions, indifference to the worldly objects, virtue and equality to all.

Hypnotic methods are not advisable to induce yogic samadhi because light-gazing stupefies the mind and produces catalepsy of will temporarily, and it secures no permanent benefit. -Talk 27]

A deity may be used to meditate upon as a mental image until the meditator merges into the Self. Then the image will fall away of its own accord and the deity will vanish as part of the world illusion.

Only the Supreme Self is to be the object of meditation. Truly speaking, meditation is remaining fixed in Self. But when thoughts cross the mind and the effort is made to eliminate them, the effort is termed meditation. Remain as you are. That is the aim. The technique of meditation is negative only inasmuch as thoughts are kept away.
-Talk 294]

- Conscious Immortality