Whatever thought comes,
whatever it is,
even the thought of meditation: stop.

Discover the source of these thoughts:
“I have to meditate,
I have to be free,
I need freedom”.

Keep quiet and wait.

Find out from where these thoughts are coming.

Return back to the source of these same thoughts
and tell me
what you see.

What do you call this?
Where will it lead you?

It will strike at your mind forever and
you will become what you have always been.

You will not find this
through any method,
don’t be deceived once again
by your mind.

You are here to be free,
in this very instant,
without doing anything,
without even stirring a single thought.

That’s why you are here.

I don’t tell you to go to the Himalayas,
or to the caves or to the forest.

I have seen many people
with head hanging down, doing penance,

I have seen many in the higher altitudes of the Himalayas:
they did not discover freedom.

It is here and now.

What is there to think about this?

Even without thinking,
you are That.

The habit of thinking,
of doing something,
is your only impediment.

Give at least one second to yourself,
without doing anything,
without even thinking.

Do not make any kind of effort,
and see the result.