Usually, Bhagavan (Ramana Maharshi) answered my queries very patiently, but on one occasion he remarked, 'You have many doubts. You always want me to clear your doubts. But some people come here, sit before me and silently grasp the sole thing to be known. Then, without saying anything, they go away.'
'What can I do, Bhagavan? If your son is a dud and a dunce,
you have to speak to him as often as it is necessary to get
information into his fat head.'
Bhagavan smiled but made no reply.

Bhagavan much preferred to sit in silence, without being bothered by questions, for that was his natural state.

He once remarked to me, 'I am where there is no word'.

Then why do you talk?' I asked.
'Out of compassion,' he replied.

~ Rangan in: The Power of His Presence’ p. 27