On three accounts searching and practice
are foolishness and misleading
and are only the clever mind postponing Freedom.

The first is that it creates a searcher.
This reinforces the concept of an individual sufferer
that is separate from Freedom, and
that Self is something "other" than that Here and Now.

The second is the search.
Searching is a distraction which causes postponement
and endless needless suffering.
Searching promotes religions, traditions,
and paths to be adhered to,
which serve only to trap you deeper in illusion.
The Truth is only Here and Now,
but the search says it is tomorrow.

The third account is that search creates an object to be found,
and this can be the subtlest and most misleading trap.
As you start a search you conceptualize
what it is that you are searching for.
Since the nature of Maya, of illusion,
is that whatever you think the goal to be you will attain it.
There is no doubt about this: as you think so it becomes.
So because of your search you will create and then attain
that which you think you are searching for!
Any heaven or high spiritual state you long to attain
you will attain after you conceptualize and create it.
Then you will rest satisfied in this trap
thinking that you have attained your "Heaven."
This pie-in-the-sky freedom custom made for you
out of your very own thought and conditioning
of what the ultimate is.
The Truth is beyond thought, concept, and conditioning
and this Truth is what you are, and only the Truth Is.
So stop your search, simply be Quiet.