SE: You were with Ramana for two years.
R: Yes.
SE: And how long was it after, before you really got what he was teaching you?

R: Well I didn't go there to be taught, I actually went there just to see him. I had everything before that, whatever it is. I was there two years before he died.

SD: Did you stay there for the whole two years?

R: No. I went back and forth because he was very sick, he could hardly walk. SD: And you couldn't stand to see that?

R: No. I was able to have an audience with him twice.

SD: How was it being in his presence.
R: Great!

SD: I mean, did you feel elevated, did you feel like you'd known him all your life, did you identify with him or were you in awe of him?

R: Well if you recall the story, I used to see him when I was a baby in my crib and then I saw his picture in a book and then I went to India.

SD: So you'd known him all your life?
R: Just about.
SK: Does he ever come to you taking on that same visible form? In dreaming or...
R: Lots of times.

SG: How old were you when you went to India?
R: Eighteen.
SG: A young age to be traveling in India.
R: I know. (

SL: Bet you were wild.) (laughter)
SK: And that was a wild time about nineteen forty what?
R: 1947

- Robert Adams, Collected Works, Ts 12