You imagine you are fighting an external force,
while, in fact, nothing is external to you.
There is no external enemy, nothing external to you.

You are fighting your own demons without noticing that
you are dreaming the entire show.
You forget you are not the pursuer nor the pursued.
You chase forms and shapes
and run away from forms and shapes ... all in the dream,
dream activities, dream forms, dream events, dream stories ...
You mistake them to be real
and rather than surrender the dream to its creator,
you imagine yourself to be the character in charge.
Thus, the misery.

You don't need to go anywhere, nor travel to distant lands
to tackle the illusion of separation that is on hand.
You can wake up right now.
See how the entire show is made out of yourself
and is your own creation.
None of it is real but YOU, the eternal Self.
Right here, right now, this very moment,
notice the illusory angst of the I-thought
that creates the world, the body and the mind.
Cease and desist from the illusory tales of the I-thought.