The discipline of living compassion,
For a better understanding the translation is adapted by Dhayanithi Mesrobian.

Revealed on the 23rd may 1867 for the opening of Dharmasalai kitchen fire.
Dear all Jeeva Karunai is like doing an action and getting benefit out of it.
Life is short, it is necessary to make a quick effort right now.
The goal of human life is to get self realization with body transformation leading to Divine oneness and to get eternal blissful life without any impediment of time space, condition, any manner or measure.
To attain this it is necessary to gain the Supreme perfect Grace power ( Arul Shakti), which causes all the cosmic bodies with all material things as well as living beings to manifest Divine creation and protection.
Grace power is operated by the self existing entity, reality or truth (Sathyam), which reveals enlightenment and bliss at the Divine and the soul levels.
It is only with the perfect Divine enlightenment along with the perfect bliss experience that the goal is to be attained.
For gaining the Grace power there is no other way than the discipline of living
The Grace power implies God’s Mercy or the Supreme Compassion which is enlightenment with bliss or greater intelligence with soul delight.
The Divine and the Soul manifestation are harmonious and identical, because they are homogenous meaning they come from the same source of Supreme Consciousness.
By experiencing the diverse manifestation of the Being we are going toward the
manifestation of Divine qualities because those qualities are similar and express
themselves at diverse levels of experiences: the positive expression of the Being and the manifestation of the qualities of the soul which are goodness and wisdom.
Other religious or intuitional paths lead only to illusion and darkness because they are taking you away from the real nature of the soul.
Through the practice of Jeeva Karunya, Soul Love and Knowledge will manifest
Love and Knowledge will empower you to manifest the absolute Compassion.
When you obtain Love and Knowledge first, you can have the right attitude towards all Beings: the real expression of compassion will manifest with all benefits and prosperities.
You must practice this with full awareness, experiencing the Divine perfection.
To be able to understand the meaning of compassion it is necessary to recognize the suffering and the joy in oneself and in others; this brings the mellowing and meting of the soul, inducing to develop causal fire (the inner Christ).
The utmost suffering is hunger, thirst, diseases, desires, poverty, fear and murder; those are to be recognize through your perception and your vision, so you realize the
fundamental necessity of living compassion based on universal fraternity, acknowledging that we are coming from the same source, the same Divine Father and Mother.
This is difficult to understand because the soul is clouded by impurities.
You must clean the thick glass of the mind and make it thin.
You must brighten the intelligence.
Why do we care about suffering?
It’s because the conscious soul undergoes suffering: mind and body are the instrumental cause of the soul suffering.
Why there is so much suffering in the world?
Because compassion is not been revealed or manifested.
The soul can be compared to the resident of a house, the body and the mind to the component of a house, only the resident can enjoy the house but not the house!
The body is like a rented house, the daily rent is the food we give to the body, only by God Grace we can make this body rent free or going without food.
If we leave the body we need to found an other one: go to an other house.
We know now that it is in our hands and responsibility to create our future incarnation and have the knowledge of our previous birth.
When we change house our enemies will remain present; in the same way when we change body our past karma or memories will remain ( nb: there is no karma but only past memories, the principle of karma has been created by the Human Being and not God).
When we trespass the Divine laws we live difficult experiences; but those are lessons from witch we learn; in His great Compassion God is showing us the right actions that allows us to grow, to transform our Being, so we can understand and respect the Divine Laws.
In future when Grace and Compassion will rule upon earth even poison snakes, tigers will loose they violent nature.
Compassion is not only a sadhana but a manifestation of the nature of the soul and the Divine.
When this compassion as become a natural expression, it is considerate as true.
If you are able to remain into your natural, primordial state sadhana is not require.
Soul and God are conscious Light, the soul can’t manifest consciousness without the physical body which is made with Maya or illusion. Maya create the hunger, desire, thirst, disease, poverty, fear and murder.
The suffering caused by Maya comes from a lack of consciousness.
If we put an intelligent effort, we know that God give to each individual the freedom to avoid and eradicate all this; for this reason it is important to transmit the knowledge of the effects of Maya to those who suffer, so they can develop more Knowledge.
When we do an action of Compassion remaining in our natural state God will answer by His Grace.
When you give with joy to a Being, it will come back to you directly.
It is notice that the higher form of suffering is coming from hunger and murder, because our faculties are totally altered by it.
If it is not possible to do act of compassion directly, it is important to express it through the power of our intention and let our heart speak for the benefit of all Beings.
When a person is taking food all his senses and his Being become receptive; at this moment one as the potentiality to receive some message and guidance because his Being is fully receptive: those messages will help him to come out of the chain of suffering, become aware.
Like this feeding the needed at all levels is a chance to put them on the right track by opening them to a little consciousness. (nb: feeding the needed is not limited with food, the biggest hunger in our days is the one of spiritual food).
Only this kind of Jeeva Karunai gives you the ultimate siddhi and the ultimo salvation.
The human body is not easy to get, only in this human body both Soul enlightenment and God’ manifestation is possible.
If we do not take the chance now there is no certainty that we can obtain a human body again.
The Human body is the only one who can achieve the eternal transformation into a body of light.
The other type of life form coming from diverse dimensions do not have this gift, in the same way the human life is the only one who can achieve absolute knowledge.
This is the reason why God has ordered to save this body from starvation and violence; this is related to our body and all life form.
The food you are taking must be suitable and in harmony with your entire Being, so that it can give strength to the body and mind. Meaning you must be master of yourself and know what is right for you or not.
The food carries the memories from the person preparing and giving it; if we take this food unconsciously we are absorbing the memories and the vibrations of this person.
It is important to do our best for relieving the suffering at first from hunger then
preventing from murder and killing: Let’s try our best to abolish this type of suffering, it is a must.
The other types of suffering mentioned above are secondary.
Killing animals and flesh eating is against the will of God, because killing stop the development of consciousness, both at the Divine and Soul level.
Violated food gives you the experience of dark forces.
The called satisfaction coming from flesh eating is just an illusion, Maya. Even cats and dogs can become vegetarian.
Even the plants have life, but when we eat them they are not completely destructed because their seeds and fruits have only the sense of touch. Seeds are vehicle of life and not life keepers.
So in vegetarian diet there is no life taking, this will not obstruct the access to
When the seeds are sprouting they give life; it is important to not disturb them, we should feed them with water.
Starvation diminish individual and Divine knowledge which are complementary, the male and female faculties shrink, the quality of the mind change, the decision making is affected, the prana is shacked, all body element are scorch, eye vision diminish…So we can understand that suffering from hunger is the highest of all and must be eradicate.
Giving proper food will help all faculties to flourish and give great bliss.
Feeding with Knowledge is an instrument for expressing and manifesting Compassion.
Do this kind of service when you steel have the strength to do it, it will always help you to do so.
Compassion is the key to open the gate of heaven.
Many sadhana lead only to the gates of heaven, you must gain the key of Compassion at proper time.

If you gain the key all sadhana are transcended.
Compassion itself contains all the diverse path towards God realization.
Compassion itself is the real worship and prayer, all the other types of worship gives only knowledge which brings you towards compassion which is not the Compassion.
If you have Compassion even with sexual and food enjoyment you can receive God Grace.
This is not the case with yogis, sanyasin, priest and others like it is said in the Vedas that only the ones who have renounced can receive God’s Grace; all this is illusion without Compassion.
First you need to express Compassion within the family and in you, then you can carry it outside.
Compassion with Knowledge is the ultimate aim which brings you prosperity, health,
total abundance…Ultimately all dangers including destiny of death can be overcome.
All the benefits coming from actions that one undertakes are only coming back to yourself.
Do not be distract, detoured by others impediment, even the ones coming from our close ones.
Even a Being with low capacities is worship by Devas, Siddhas yoga… when he practice
Compassion with Knowledge.
This is True by Gods command.