Poeme 128 vol 6

Fix your attention to the eyebrow centre with awareness, open it, see the light and get delighted.
This is the mean of salvation; the last dance is coming from there.
From this place you get the inner ambrosia, all the Shitsabai or the Golden Sphere of Light comes to your possession.
Because I’m in possession of the Golden Sphere of Light, all the Devas and others speak about my glory.
No more illness is coming to me, all miseries is gone;
At this moment the last rule of Grace is offered to me; all the Vedas and Agamas are speaking well about me.
Now in this cheating and unaware world, all my miseries from birth are gone: no more pain is available for me because the boat of Grace as been given to me.
In this boat of Grace, I got ascended and seated, sealing troughs that I come to a small chamber. In the centre of the Effulgent chamber there is a platform, a decorated Divine Gem.
Having the vision of this true wisdom I’m delighted.
Above the seven golden mountain a Divine pillar is appearing, and above it the last hole from Grace, ascending there their is so many vision revealed to me with so many colours: ruby, red, golden white , multicolour, emerald, pearl, coral so many transformation, it is beyond expression , only my Divine father witness it all.
Prospers Rishis, the Divine country of all delight where reside the trans-state; I see the home of the last gem set where the Lord is doing is Divine dance.
If you see this with unconscious awakeness you will be awakened to consciousness and you will clap your hands as a symbol.
Upon the mountain of light it is beyond limitation, upon the trans- state you will chanting a natural way the Suddha Sanmarga poems.
When the Lord arrived all the dead comes back to life, this is a new type of
enlightenment, not know before.
I got the realisation of the shrine of Chidambaram, the Golden Sphere of Light, in consequence Siddhas and other height souls speak good about me, and all the miseries of this birth is gone.

Those who speak of good things and about God’s Grace will get good fame and name; they will never loose their currencies.

Receiving Grace and speaking about the Lords glory will give you an eternal blissful life.