In the path of Suddha Sanmargam the three bodies are: suddha deham, pranava deham and gnana deham.

- Suddha deham is the pure physical body which becomes golden white ”every
cells realize the compassionate love body ”. As soon as the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies are far from impure illusions the supra consciousness forces are realized, they are called karma shiddhis. For Vallalar these siddhis can only be reached when we attain Suddha deham.
The realization of Suddha deham is the first step of sadhana, which is to make the body pure, so He can become a fit Divine instrument. Most people think that the body is not important on a spiritual journey, this is a wrong idea. All the suffering a Being can experience goes trough the physical body. If the body is not made pure the suffering will continue. How can we speak about God and having a spiritual life when we are not able to respect our own body? The body is God Himself, each cell contain God’s Light and memory! We create so many stressful situations, eat meat and non natural food, drink, smoke, stimulate ourselves with diverse drugs, all this create degradation to the body.
At first we must change our habits toward a healthy life style, with good vegetarian diet, proper exercise, right thinking and proper actions.

- Pranava deham is the development of the Divine Godhead “in the subtle body
we realize the Grace body” in diverse traditions we can find the golden sphere presence which surround the head of a Saint. Vallalar says that the psychic head is made of a very refined brain, this brain is called Omkara brain, the other brain which is more ordinary is called Ankara. It is the body of Light made of pure bliss and joy. This body is located above the head. Pranava deham is called the Grace body, because Grace is pure bliss, joy and compassionate love.
The development of Omkara acts as a direct receptive station with the cosmic
This station passes on the messages to the more gross brain. This type of
development is only possible when the vital “the lower being” is not any more the master and that the mental is able to maintain certain purity. Letting the Divine consciousness enter in the brain, this one develop itself more and more. Each cell receives this message then the transformation is taking place. At this time it is possible to go beyond the diverse veils of maya.
This prosperous and expansive body is also called Omkara body. The
development of this body allows you to go beyond the established gross principles of nature. The subtle body starts to grow to the size of a golden mountain, the physical body transforms itself into the body of a five to eight years old child, the sixty four siddhis become on the control of the yogi. This body can’t be perceived by the touch and the sight.

Nb: Vallalar’s wooden sandals are the size of a child foot. He had to put the
white cloth over him so we could see his body’ shape. All the photos which were taken of him didn’t show his presence.
It is possible to experiment the Pranava Deham body by doing Ambalam Kryia
yoga technique, in this body you experiment great joy, bliss and compassionate love. It will appear at first that there is a duality between the physical body and the Grace body.
Slowly as the physical body becomes more pure the duality diminishes. When Vallalar speak about the realization of the Pranava Deham body, he mean that this Grace body is fully integrated into the physical body.

- Gnana deham is the transformation of the pranava boby into a gnostic body “in the causal body we realize the body of the One, the light beyond light, the form beyond form. ” With the third eye function and this development, the body eliminates all sorts of impurities and become almost invisible. Such a body appears like a fire ball or a fire pillar. With the practice of Jeava Karunai, the practice of absolute compassion, this body receives Grace. This Grace allows him to obtain the same powers and qualities of God.

As the physical matter as become pure Grace Light, there is no more limitation coming from the physical matter.