Just as by the power of thought you can change yourself to be whatever you want to be, so most importantly, you will be able to change your consciousness from that of a mortal to a divine being. The mortal man is he who thinks, “This is the way I live and this is the way I’ll be until I die.” ⠀

But the divine man says, “I dreamed I was a mortal, but now I am awake and know that I am a child of God, made in the image of the Father.” Though it takes time to realize this fully, it can be done. ⠀

If when the time comes for meditation at night you yield to the thought, “It is so late now to meditate; let me sleep and I will meditate tomorrow,” you will be sleeping into the grave. When the world has surrendered to the drug of slumber, you be awake in God. And throughout the day’s activities, think that it is God who is working through you. ⠀

Give the responsibility to Him. He who thinks of God all the time, can he do wrong? Even if he happens to err, God knows it was his wish to do right. Give everything to God, and you will change because then the human ego can no longer dictate to you.