Sri Bhagavan says,
‘For Him who enjoys the bliss of Self,
which has risen by destroying the [individual] self [the mind or ego],
what single thing exists to do?
He does not know anything other than Self; [therefore] how to [or who can] conceive what His state is?’
Note: The sense of doership, the feeling ‘I am doing this action’, can exist only so long as the mind, whose form is the feeling ‘I am this’ or ‘I am that’, exists.
Therefore, when the mind is destroyed, the sense of doership is also destroyed.
Hence the yogi whose mind is dead and who thereby abides as Self, the reality, cannot be the doer of any action.
Whatever action He may appear to do exists only in the outlook of those who mistake Him to be the body which does the action.

~ Ulladu Narpadu, Verse31
Translation By MICHAEL JAMES.