The problem, as we all know, is that “Pride goeth before a fall.” Pride is defensive and vulnerable because it is dependent upon external conditions, without which it can suddenly revert to a lower level. The inflated ego is vulnerable to attack. Pride remains weak because it can be knocked off its pedestal back into Shame, which is the threat that fires the fear of loss of Pride.

Pride is divisive and gives rise to factionalism; the consequences are costly. Man has habitually died for Pride; armies still regularly slaughter each other for that aspect of Pride called nationalism. Religious wars, political terrorism and zealotry, the ghastly history of the Middle East and Central Europe, are all the price of Pride, which all of society pays.

The downside of Pride, therefore, is arrogance and denial. These characteristics block growth; in Pride, recovery from addictions is impossible because emotional problems or character defects are denied. The whole problem of denial is one of Pride. Thus Pride is a very sizable block to the acquisition of real power, which displaces Pride with true stature and prestige.

~ Power Vs Force, p.103