Duality and non-duality are merely concepts of the mind.

Non-duality is taught by some;

Some others teach duality.

They don’t understand that the all-pervading Reality

Is beyond both duality and non-duality.

There is no color or sound to the one Reality;

It has no qualities at all.

How can one even think or speak of That

Which is far beyond both mind and speech?

When you know all this universe of forms

To be as vacant as the sky,

Then you’ll know Brahman;

Duality will forevermore cease to be.

To some, the Self appears as other;

To me, the Self is I.

Like undivided space, One alone exists.

How, then, could the subject and object of meditation be two?

Nothing of what I do or eat,

Or give or take, Exists for me;

I’m Purity itself, beyond birth and death.

Know that the whole of the universe is without any form.

Know that the whole of the universe is forever unchanging.

Know that the whole of the universe is unstained by its contents.

Know that the whole of the universe is of the nature of God.

You are the ultimate Reality; have no doubt.

The Self is not something known by the mind;

The Self is the very one who knows!

How, then, could you think to know the Self?

Maya? Maya? How could that be?

A shadow? A shadow? It doesn’t exist.

The Reality is One; it’s everything.

It’s all-pervasive; nothing else exists.

I have no beginning, middle, or end;

I have never been, nor will ever be, bound.

My nature is stainless;

I’m Purity itself. This I know as a certainty.

Avadhuta Gita - Shlokas 36-44