This is the point I'm trying to make. Everything is unfolding as it should. This planet is unfolding the way it's supposed to. It's not your business to run this planet. Your business is to try to get the hell off this planet, by awakening. But as long as you believe you're part of the crowd you have to realize that you are on a third grade planet and go along with this until you get old and die. And according to your karma you go to another planet perhaps, which is a little more peaceful. You may go to a second grade planet. If you think this is bad, you ain't seen nothing yet, or a first grade planet where things are really terrible or a fourth grade planet where things are improving. It's like school. Maya is a university to educate the soul so-tospeak. There are different grades, different classes. But who needs to go through all this, the ego, the mind? Why do you allow this to be? Stop it now while you hear these things. You are fortunate that in your life that you're able to hear these things. To understand that you're not the body nor the mind nor the world. Do something about it, free yourself. Do not accept this any longer. Forget about this world. Don't pay too much attention to your body. Do not think too much about having a good time or a bad time. You have to loose it and let it go. Let go of all the stuff that has been hounding you for years and years. Become free, happy. By knowing who you are. It's only by knowing who you are that you become free and have unalloyed happiness. If you're looking for happiness in this world you'll be fooled all of the time. The world will show you happiness for a while and then it will pull it right out from under you and you'll start crying and screaming again until more happiness comes your way. The same thing happens, again and again and again. And maya is laughing its head off because you are taking it all so seriously. You're taking the world so seriously, you're taking the world so seriously, why? Stop it, stop it right now. Quit while you're ahead.