Mother: You don't know who you are, you think of yourselves as Hindus, Muslims, Christians, but really, I am telling you the truth, there is only the ONE.
If you read the Vishnu Purana, it is said that Vishnu is the Greatest of all, the same is said of Shiva in the Shiva Purana.

How can that be? Or if it is so, then as there can be only one greatest, Vishnu and Shiva must be the same. There must be Vishnu in Shiva and Shiva in Vishnu. They are different functions. If you see only the One, there is no question of Shiva, Vishnu, Buddha, Jesus, etc. But as long as there are two ‘duniya’, then there is 'dukkha' [suffering], 'dwandwa', opposition, and all the rest.

The world implies movement and thus death because its nature is to change constantly. But if you find your true Self, the transcendent ONE, then all remains unchanging despite outer appearances.

Where the one becomes two, there is the play of Shiva and his Shakti, Krishna, and Radha. This is necessary to produce the 'Leela', the 'play' of life, the world, the many. The Prakriti [the ever-changing outer world of form and matter —the feminine principle is ever attracted to the Purusha [the sole, unchanging unmanifest male principle] and vice-versa. So it is also in marriage, which is meant to be for the sake of helping one another to realize the highest. One's wife is ones 'swadharmini' [life partner], not as it is nowadays.

— Death Must Die, p 422