792. If your desire is fulfilled in the way that you want, do not get deluded and feel proud by imagining that this has been achieved by the power of your tapas. Realizing the truth that this is [only] due to the blessed grace of God that has flowed towards you, you should humble yourself, feel gratitude, and have ever-increasing devotion to his feet.

793. Let whatever happens happen in the way it happens. Do not entertain the slightest thought of going against it. Without embarking on any new enterprise, become one with the seer who sees the eye, he who remains peacefully merged in the Heart.

'The seer who sees the eye' means the Self.

794. When the sadhaka's efforts result in failure, the benefit of this [effort] is to make him understand that Self-realization can only be attained by the Guru's grace, and not by personal exertion, thus preparing the sadhaka to seek the cool grace bestowed by the Guru.

~ Guru Vachaka Kovai

The Lord is impossible to attain by any stratagem. Yet for those who in their minds are clearly convinced that to attain Him is not within their power, who have become wearied by their efforts, and in whom the mischievous antics of the ego have become thoroughly stilled, He will easily fall into their grasp.

~ Sri Ramana Sannidhi Murai