Language is only a medium for communication of one' s thoughts, It is used after thoughts have arisen, and they arise only after the I'-thought. The 'I'-thought "is the root of all conversation.

One can understand another when one remains without thinking, by the universal language — silence. Silence is ever-speaking; it is perennial; speech interrupts it. Words obstruct that mute language.

When there is electricity flowing in a wire, and resistance occurs in its passage, it glows as a lamp or turns as a fan. The wire remains full of electric energy.

Similarly, silence is the eternal flow of language obstructed by words. What one fails to know by a conversation that extends to several years, can be known in a flash, in silence or before silence; look at Dakshinamurti's teaching, for example. That is the highest and most effective language.

People insist on asking me questions and so I must reply, but the truth is beyond words.

~ Conscious Immortality