Getting Rid of Miseries
If the jiva,
who is ever deluded and
is always suffering
from a feeling of deficiency,
wants to get rid of all his miseries and
to be happy,
he need only know the Supreme One,
his Lord,
to be his own Self. (367)

Not even the least of one’s miseries
will cease unless one knows That,
by forgetting Which one becomes
deluded by the mighty agent
– worldly Maya. (368)

Let him who weeps
over the death of his wife and children, weep first for the death of [his] ego
– ‘I am the body’
– and attend to his own Self,
then all his miseries will die completely. (369)

If you love others
only for their bodies or their souls
[i.e. their egos],
you will suffer from grief
when their bodies die and
their souls depart.
in order to be free from such grief,
have true Love towards Self,
which is the real Life of the soul. (370)
A person’s soul is nothing but his ego, the identification ‘I am the body’.
The true Life is Self, and not the soul or ego.

- The teachings of Sri Ramana Maharshi. Guru Vachaka Kovai. Verses 367 - 370.
An Analysis of the Truth. Chapter 66.
Getting Rid of Miseries.