There is really no such thing
as a dead or a living body.
That which does not move we call dead,
and that which has movement we call alive.
In dreams you see any number of bodies,
living and dead,
and they have no existence when you wake up.
In the same way this whole world,
animate and inanimate,
is non-existent.
Death means the dissolution of the ego,
and birth means the rebirth of the ego.
There are births and deaths,
but they are of the ego;
not of you.
You exist whether the sense of ego is there or not.
You are its source, but not the ego-sense.
Deliverance (mukti) means finding the origin
of these births and deaths
and demolishing the ego-sense to its very roots.
That is deliverance.
It means death with full awareness.
If one dies thus,
one is born again simultaneously
and in the same place with Aham sphurana
known as ‘Aham, Aham (I, I)’.
One who is born thus, has no doubts whatsoever.

~ Letters from Sri Ramanasramam, 140