As the intensity of witnessing is heightened by additional energy, now available as there are no thoughts to dissipate it, the energy reservoir keeps increasing. This results in a high intensity field of observation – where there are no thoughts – resulting in the ‘non-thought zone’. This state is so vibrant and dynamic that thought has no capacity to linger in this zone. This is the state in which one should be rooted with multi-point awareness. Staying longer and longer in this state is an invitation to the Divine. It makes it possible to touch upon that divine quality that brings about total transformation, from the very core of your being, through the explosion of the psychological instrument in the inner domain. As you remain alert, aware and vigilant throughout, there is no chance at all for the thought-mind to play tricks in the form of visualisation, hallucination and imagery. In fact, this state, being beyond the frontiers of thoughts, is free from the influence of thoughts.