When you get up in the morning for instance you question yourself,
“Who is getting up?
Who just awakened?”

When you’re getting dressed you question,
“Who is getting dressed?”

And you examine your feelings you watch your feelings, your thoughts.
“Who has these feelings?” you say to yourself, “Who has these thoughts?”

As you’re eating your breakfast you question,
“Who is eating?”

Whatever you do you question it.

Now as you keep questioning something interesting is happening within yourself. Your mind is becoming weaker and weaker from this questioning.

The mind is nothing but a conglomeration of thoughts of the past and the thoughts of the future. That is all the mind is, a bunch of thoughts. It keeps you earth bound.

You question yourself,
“Who is feeling this?
I am, who am I?”

I’ve explained this to most of you so many times but yet some of you just do not do it. You think it’s for beginners or children but on the contrary, it’s very powerful.

See you have to have a lot of humility to do these things. If you have a big ego you will quit everything and think that you’re great.

You have to have a lot of humility a lot of humbleness.
You have to forget about yourself totally and completely.