This morning when I got to the Asramam, one of the Asramites was speaking
freely with
Bhagavan and was saying, “Yesterday evening, the people who came from
Madras asked you
some questions, but you did not answer. Why was that? In the past when
Sivaprakasam Pillai
wrote a verse beginning ‘Udalinai veruthum’ I am told that you were also
silent. Why,
Bhagavan? Does it mean that no one can become a Realized Soul, a jnani,
unless he lives in a
lonely place like that?”
“Who said that?” Bhagavan replied. “The nature of the mind is determined by
its former
actions, its samskaras. People are able to continue to do all their work
and yet pursue their
Self-enquiry and ultimately become Realized Souls. Janaka, Vasishta, Rama,
Krishna and
others like them, are examples of this. Again, for some it would appear
impossible to do this
and they have to go to solitary places to become Realized Souls through
Self-enquiry. Of
these, Sanaka, Sanandana, Suka, Vamadeva, are amongst the examples.
Self-enquiry is
essential for whomever it may be. It is called ‘human effort
(purushakara)’ . The course of the
body follows according to our fate (prarabhdha) . What more can we say about
it?” added