First I gave up action,
Then idle words,
And lastly thought itself.
Now I am here.

Ridding my mind of distraction,
I shut out sound and all the senses,
And I am here.

Meditation is needed
Only when the mind is distracted
By false imagining.
Knowing this,
I am here.

Without joy or sorrow,
Grasping nothing, spurning nothing,
O Master, I am here.

What do I care
If I observe or neglect
The four stages of life?

Controlling the mind,
These are mere distractions!
Now I am here.

Doing, or not doing,
Both come from not knowing.
Knowing this fully,
I am here.

Of what is beyond thinking Is still thinking.
I gave up thinking,
And I am here.

Whoever fulfills this
Fulfills his own nature
And is indeed fulfilled.