--- Just the reconciliation with the universe will free you ---

Even if you hate someone, if you hate someone or something with a passion, that's attachment.
You will come back to this earth, or to another planet similar to this earth, again, and again, and again, and you will meet this person that you hate so much under different circumstances again, and again, and again.
One time he may be your daughter, he may be your mother, he may be your husband, he may be your wife.
But that person that you despise so much will meet you again, and again, and do things to you in order to upset you.
And you will hate again, and again.
You will never be free until you understand.

The understanding is to turn within, to forget about the person, but to see your own reality, to trace the I-thought to the source.
After all it is the I-thought that hates and loves, that has attachment to person, place or thing.
When the I-thought is transcended, only the Self remains.
Then your karma is finished, your body is finished, your world is finished, your God is finished, and your home free.
But as long as you allow a person, place or thing, and it may be your own body that you're attached to, your own mind, that's person, place or thing also, as long as you feel deeply those things, you will never become free until you let it go.

You have to reconcile yourself with the whole universe, the mineral kingdom, the vegetable kingdom, the animal kingdom, the human kingdom.
When you have become friends with the entire universe, you will not have to do atma-vichara.
You will not have to trace the 'I', or worry about the 'I'.
Just the reconciliation with the universe will free you.
After all, when you love everything, unqualified, what else can you do? There's nothing else.
The total love of the whole universe kills the ego.
For it is the ego that plays the other games with you, that makes you love someone special or hate someone special, that makes you despise certain animals and eat them, that makes you think poison ivy is worse than a rose, that causes you to qualify life.
A Sage sees everything as equal.
No thing is worse or better than any other thing.
And just by hearing this, allowing it to go into your heart, feeling it, will lead you to an awakening.

Attachments - May 12, 1991