When you sit, allow Mother Earth to sit for you. When you
breathe, allow Mother Earth to breathe for you. When you walk,
allow Mother Earth to walk for you. Don’t make any effort. Allow
her to do it. She knows how to do it.
When you are sitting, allow the air to enter your lungs. Allow
the air to go out of your lungs. We don’t need to try to breathe in.
We don’t need to try to breathe out. We just allow nature, allow
the Earth to breathe in and out for us. We just sit there and enjoy
the breathing in and the breathing out. There is no “you” who is
breathing in and breathing out. The breathing in and the breathing
out happen by themselves. Try it.
We allow our body to relax totally, without striving or even
making an effort. Behave like the fetus in the womb of the mother.
Allow your mother to do everything for you, to breathe, to eat, to
drink. This is possible if you know how to take refuge in Mother