M.: There are no two selves - for the self to speak of the non-realisation of the Self.
D.: It is still theoretical to me. How shall I get the samadhi?
M.: Samadhi is only temporary in its effects. There is happiness so long as it lasts. After rising from it the old vasanas return. Unless the vasanas are destroyed in sahaja samadhi (effortless samadhi), there is no good of trance.

D.: But samadhi must precede sahaja samadhi?
M.: Samadhi is the natural state. Although there are activities and phenomena, yet they do not affect the stillness. If they are realised to be not apart from the Self, the Self is realised. Where is the use of trance, unless it brings about enduring peace of mind? Know that even now you are in samadhi whatever happens. That is all.
Talks no 317