Most of you have come to listen to words, but I tell you the message is in-between the words. In the silence, where there is no talk going on. That's the message. That's where truth is, that's where reality is, when there are no sounds, no words. Words are only to motivate you to keep quiet. That's all words are good for. Chanting ,words, they're only to quieten the mind. Keep you still. In the stillness is your reality. In the quietness is your strength, not in the noise, not in the talk. Try to be quiet most of the time. Do not get involved in too many conversations.

People have been talking since the beginning of time. What did it accomplish them? Look at the world, the precarious position it's in. It's all done by talking, talk, talk, talk talk. And now you come here to listen to me talk to add to the confusion. But I say to you, "You have to give up the talking. You have to give up all the dogmas and confusions and nonsense. Drop it all and be still. Be still and know that I am God."

When you are still you will feel the presence of the power. You will feel the absolute reality of what you are. Only in quietness can you feel this...this peace. Not in noise, but in peace, in quietness. Only then will you feel a stillness and a harmony and joy.