After almost two years on living on fruit only, with intermittent fasting periods, I attained a state of health hardly imaginable in today's world. For example, I was able to conduct experiments such as I described in my article "A 49 Day Fasting Experiment" (published in Vegetarische Warte" (Vegetarian Observer) 1909/10), with the following results:

When I made a cut in my forearm with a knife, there was no bleeding, because the blood coagulated immediately. The would closed instantly-no inflammation, no pain, no mucus and no pus. In three days the wound was totally healed and the scab had fallen off. Later I repeated the experiment after eating vegetarian food including mucus-forming carbohydrates, but without eggs or milk. The result was that the would bled a little; I had some pain and some pus oozed out of the wound. There was some inflammation and it took quite a while for the wound to heal. Some time later I conducted the same experiment while on a diet including meat and moderate alcohol. The result was an extended period of bleeding. The blood was light, red and thin, and thee was inflammation, pain, and several days of pus. The wound only healed after two days of fasting.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.4)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret