Again and again in my therapy groups I come across people who
aren’t there at all. Their daddy is there, their mummy is there, but
they’re not there. They never were there. Well, that’s absolutely, literally true. I could take you apart piece by piece and ask, “Now, this sentence, does it come from Daddy, Mummy, Grandma, Grandpa, whom”? Who’s living in you? It’s pretty horrifying when you come to know that. You think you are free, but there probably isn’t a gesture, a thought, an emotion, an attitude, a belief in you that isn’t coming from someone else. Isn’t that horrible? And you don’t know it. Talk about a mechanical life that was stamped into you. You feel pretty strongly about certain things, and you think it is you who are feeling strongly about them, but are you really? It’s going to take a lot of awareness for you to understand that perhaps this thing you call “I ” is simply a conglomeration of your past experiences, of your conditioning and programming.