Be content within your own measure. If you over-reach yourself, you will have to suffer. You can hear the voice of God in everything and everyone.

Wisdom as such is an illusion. To be ourselves is the best that we can do.

Really a man can do all that he wants to do. He has merely to acquire the necessary ability. A knowledge of other people and other affairs is again as illusion. These must be given up.

The world is an ashram - a training ground for the achievement of freedom. Each one does his part according to his own measure. There is nothing that is evil.

A jack fruit is large in size, but it hangs by a slender stalk. Its power to hang lies in the strength of the stalk. In the same way, the whole world depends on an unknowable energy for all its activities. It is all the same whether this is called God, or given any other name.