In 1922, Bhagavan saved Iyer from definite death. Kapali Shastri, an eye witness to that miracle, has written in his book: “Maharshi was living on the hill in Skandashram. A few of us used to accompany him during giripradakshina. On one such day before starting our giripradakshina, we got word that supervisor Ramaswami Iyer was taken ill suddenly and was lying at Virupaksha cave. The Maharshi went down the hill to the place where Iyer was lying. Iyer was having violent palpitations of the heart. Maharshi sat near him placing his hand on his head. Within five minutes, Iyer got up and looked quite normal. Maharshi kept sitting - he did not get up even after an hour. I had in my bag in Skandashram olive oil, which I went and brought and rubbed on Maharshi‟s head. Then, we all went back to Skandashram. When I asked Bhagavan, he simply replied, „Well, Ramaswami Iyer got up and I sat down. I was conscious when the oil was rubbed, it was very pleasant.‟ He did not say he performed a miracle or anything like that.”

Later, in 1942, Iyer was once again saved from certain death. One day, his wife came running to Bhagavan and prayed that her husband who was unconscious in their house be saved. At that very moment, Iyer woke up. Years later, when I heard about this, I was a little skeptical. So, I went and challenged Iyer, “How is it that all the time you fall sick and Bhagavan saves you from death?” He answered, “What to do, Ganesan, it is not only me that Bhagavan has saved. He also saved other sincere souls from the throes of death.” He then gave me a list - his own daughter, his friend Subramani Iyer‟s daughter, Jagadisa Shastri, Bhagavan‟s own sister‟s husband and a few other names that I did not know.