Q: Can I realize the Self? It looks so difficult?

Bhagavan: You are already the Self. Therefore realization is for everyone.
It knows no difference in the aspirants. The every doubt if I can realize or the feeling I have not realized, are the obstacles. Be free from these also.

Q: Nevertheless unless I have the experience, how can I be free from these conflicting thoughts?

Bhagavan: These are also in the mind. The are there because you have identified yourself with the body. If this false identity drops away, ignorance will vanish and Truth be revealed.

Control of desire and meditation are interdependent. They must go on side by side… to check the mind being projected out (vairagya) and keep it turned inward (abyasa). There is the struggle between control and meditation going on constantly within. Meditation will in due course be successful.

Others have done so as well. Therefore believe it. They did so because they believed they could. It can be done by concentration on That which is free from vasanas and yet is their core. pp 59, 60