Christ is deceiving you. Buddha is deceiving you.
I am deceiving you. If you speak, you lie. It is inexpressible.

Think well before you resolve on action. These are three constituents of action-production, destruction, and value.

Assess the quality and measure before you act.

If you want to know anything, just see people-they will tell you.

I see God everywhere. I worship everywhere. All are God.

I can say that, because I don't know.

All is Brahman. That is bhakti!

You don't want power. Power will come of itself.

He who is in devoted pursuit of Truth, endures hunger, thirst, fatigue, and the harm done by others.

Buddha had the desire to teach and so he came down and struggled and spoke and then returned up and went beyond, having satisfied his desire.

Christ also came and had the idea of suffering. So he suffered and went on. But people are just the same.

No use preaching. Just be!