Ecstatic love ♥♥♥

Ramanatha brahmachari used to feed bhagavan with such love and devotion that bhagavan felt that he had been captured by his love.That is why bhagavan said on one occasion ," i am only afraid of two devotees,Ramanatha brahmachari and Mudhaliar paatti".It was not physical fear,it was more a feeling of helplessness.If a devotee has a strong ,burning love for his Guru,the Guru is compelled to do anything that the devotee asks."Bhagavan always felt apprehensive whenever ramanatha brahmachari appeared because he knew that he would be unable to resist any of his requests.Ramakrishna paramahamsa once expressed the same idea when he said: When you have attained ecstatic love you have found the rope to tie God with'.