Follow you the Path of Truth. Seek Truth even in your dreams. Do not ally yourselves with Untruth at any time. For Real Life is established upon Truth. Man becomes Real by living in the Real. Otherwise he lives in the Lie and his life becomes a lie. And the life that has become a lie shall go up in smoke even as a dark cloud is burned up by the All-Consuming Sun of Truth.

Always speak the Truth. For whatsoever man speaks with his mouth that he believes with his heart. And whatsoever he believes with his heart the same shall come true. But that which the heart knows to be false shall remain a lie. For the heart is the abode of Truth Who is the Most Wise. Verily, Truth is your Refuge and your Shelter. He who forsakes the Abode of Truth shall be captured and devoured by Untruth.

— Shiva Rahasya [Chapter 11, part 35]