Following is an interesting incident that happened after Amma's Thiruvannamalai visit (Amma's last visit was in 1984):

Once an American devotee of Amma on her way to to Amritapuri, the first time she came to India, went to Thiruvannamalai to meet the Avadhuta Yogi Ram Surat Kumar. Hearing he was a God-realized being, she sought him out at the residence his devotees had provided for him. She found him on the porch, which was his darshan area. Carrying a package of dates, she approached him and offered her pranams. Before she had fully risen, he exclaimed, “Amma! Amma! Amma! O Amritanandamayi! That Mother came to visit this beggar! She came and had Her picture taken with this beggar. Amma…” His speech was choked with emotion and in the act of remembering, he seemed to drift into a reverie. The woman was mystified, as she had never met this man before and had no idea how he knew that she was a devotee of Amma.

The following year, she again went to visit him. At one point she asked him a spiritual question. His response was tender but emphatic, “Why are you asking me this question? Why do you ask me this question? Your Teacher is so great! You are in such good care. You are so protected. O She is so great!” He fully extolled Amma’s virtues.

Blessed we are, to live our lives with the Divine Mother herself and to get her instructions for our spiritual progress !