---------- Getting Rid Of Negative Habits ----------

There is a way to get rid of your nasty habits, bad tempers, emotions, whatever, depressions, all those things, and this way is not hard.
What you do is you become the witness to your nasty temper, to your obnoxious ways, to your greed, to your selfishness, to your lust and whatever.
You observe yourself going through this.
In the beginning, I admit, it’ll be a little difficult, because when you become violent, when your temper arises, it’s difficult for you to observe yourself at that time.
But as you begin to observe yourself when you become a little angry, then the observance becomes much greater than your temper, and here is how it works.
You watch yourself going into a rage.
You observe yourself going into a rage.
You identify with the rage you’re going into.
You totally identify with your rage.
I know you’re saying «But Robert, if I identify with my rage, it’ll become greater».
On the contrary, when you totally identify with your rage, you will see that the rage belongs to the ‘I-thought’.
You will find that you realize that I am in a rage.
I and the rage are the same.
But ‘I’ is not me.
‘I’ is totally separate than me.
And this will make you laugh, for you will realize that you are not the one with the bad temper.
‘I’ is.
Blame it all on ‘I’, and observe the ‘I’ having that attack, that rage attack.
As you observe the ‘I’, the ‘I’ also being your bad temper, will begin to diminish.
It will become weaker and weaker.