It's very helpful to think about inconstancy at least three times a day, but I prefer to think every second about the eternity of the non-born "I" that is bigger than inconstancy. The one who should experience inconstancy seems, to me, just an illusion.
Undoubtedly, we should think deeply about the sufferings and horrors of a sansara. But, it will be much better to plunge into constant reflections of the pleasure and happiness of non-dual Other-wordly Light, and forever forget about Sansara and its sufferings.
How can I think of sufferings of Sansara if, day and night, I'm crazy from the greatest happiness of enlightenment that came down on me? Certainly, we should remember every second about the law of Karma and the results of our actions. But if your mind melts day and night because of great pleasure, absorbed by the greatest source, the Greatest Expanse beyond any karmic borders, what should you be afraid of?
Please tell me where is the one who experiences and creates these karma's? Is he real? I wouldn't argue that it's very important to remember again and again about precious human birth. But what can I do if I get so involved in contemplating of the Great Source that I have forgotten that I was born, that "I" am "I"?!
What is "precious" and what is "cheap"?
Where is "person" and where is "deity"?
What is "birth" and what is "death"?
Where is all this if you have gone crazy from great Happiness and lost yourself in it? And, if you wouldn't do it in this life, then your precious human birth will pass by all for nothing...

From "Songs of Awakened”