In the final analysis every disease is a clogging of the tiniest blood vessels, the capillaries, with mucus. If the pipes of a city's water supply have dirty water pumped through them because of clogged filters, nobody would think of cleaning these pipes without stopping the flow of dirty water during the repair work. More importantly, wise people would immediately direct their attention to the reservoir, the distribution center, and the faulty filters and malfunctioning pump. But these can only be fixed when the dirty water stops running."I am thy Lord, thy healer" translates ihn our time as: 'Only nature heals, purifies, and de-clogs infallibly and totally-but only if you stop supplying your body with mucus-forming food'. Every physiological machine, whether human or animal purifies itself instantly and automatically, dissolving the mucus in the clogged pipes as soon as the intake of solid food stops. During a fast, even the healthiest person will eliminate mucus, which can be detected in the urine if collected in a glass and allowed to cool. Whoever denies, ignores or suppresses this fact because it is inconvenient or not "scientific" enough, carries the responsibility of covering up the discovery of the main cause of every disease, bur more so, inflicts the worst injury on himself.

Source: The Cause and Cure of Human Illness (p.5)
Kranke Menschen by Professor Arnold Ehret