Nisargadatta Maharaj on Sadhana, and Trust in the Master


Questioner: Sir, I am a humble seeker wandering from Guru to Guru in search of release. My mind is sick, burning with desire... my days flit by... my health is decaying... At this rate, I shall live in sorrow and die in despair. Is there any hope for me?

Maharaj: Nothing is wrong with you, but the ideas that you have of yourself, are altogether wrong. It is not you who desires, fears and suffers, it is the personality built on the foundation of your body by circumstances and influences. You are not that person. This must be clearly established in your mind and never lost sight of. Normally, it needs a prolonged sadhana (spiritual practice) with years of austerities and meditation.

Q: My mind is weak and vacillating. I have neither strength nor the tenacity for sadhana. My case is hopeless.

M: In a way, yours is a most hopeful case. There is an alternative to long sadhana, which is trust. If you cannot have the conviction born from fruitful search, then take advantage of my discovery, which I am so eager to share with you.

I can see with the utmost clarity that you have never been, nor are, nor will be estranged from Reality You are the fullness of perfection here and now and nothing can deprive you of your heritage, of what you are. You are in no way different from me, only you do not know it. You do not know what you are and therefore you imagine yourself to be what you are not (the personality). Hence, desires and fear, overwhelming despair, and meaningless activity in order to escape.

Just trust me and live by trusting me. I shall not mislead you. You are the Supreme Reality (Parabrahman) beyond the world and its creator, beyond Consciousness and its "Witness" beyond all assertions and denials. Remember it, think of it, act on it. Abandon all sense of separation. See yourself in all, and act accordingly.

With action (trust), bliss will come, and with bliss, conviction. After all, you doubt yourself only because you are in sorrow. Happiness, natural, spontaneous, and lasting, cannot be imagined. Either it is there, or it is not. Once you begin to experience the peace, love and happiness, which need no outer causes, all of your doubts will dissolve. Just catch hold of what I have told you and live by it.