Now remember, you are dreaming the dream, everything is going on in the dream. In your dream there is a sky, there are flowers, there is a moon, there are people, just like the world. And the dream seems to be external from you, but if you investigate, you see the dream is all taking place in your mind. While you are dreaming you still exist as the dreamer.
And in the dream somebody comes to you and tells you, “Look, there is going to be a recession. There is going to be a failure of the banks.” And you’ve got money tied up in stocks and bonds, IRA accounts and everything else. Everything is going down. You ask, “What should I do?”
You both decide, “Lets go see Robert.” So you come to see me, and I say, “Well, you can do two things. You can take your money and we’ll build a large ashram and help others see the truth that it’s only a dream. Or give everything away to the poor, to the homeless, and you won’t have any problems.” So they both say, “What? Are you crazy?”